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Love is in the air

Last night I went on a date. There was the guy, my knight in shining armor, my prince charming. He took my hand, and gently kissed it. So cliche!!! I mean seriously who would do that now a days. But my heart melted like butter on a hot knife. I could spend the whole night, week, month, eons looking into his eyes.

After long long time, I glanced at my watch and it was way past my bedtime. He was a gentleman and dropped me home. Again so cliche! who does that. Here I am completely lost in his thoughts.

It's around 2'0 AM, the guy didn't message yet. I'm already planning my second, third and 1000th date. But wait! I don't have anything to wear. Suddenly the closet full of clothes and accessories seem useless. You know what this calls for. "Shopping!!!!" shouted my mind.

What all do I need? He said he likes someone who can both chic, casual and

with so much ease. Such a tough guy to impress. After hours of searching and fumbling I couldn't find any place who could sell these and don't break my wallet.

And the legend says that's how this website was started. On a winter's night ( Umm Mumbai's winter ), with some cold coffee, pain of not finding stuff and a guy to impress the idea of Alya store is born.

A place where we could all find the cutesy, trendy, crazy stuff to express ourselves, impress the world. Shop, learn, share.

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